Malekula Line Build

Project Overview

ILS have been engaged by Vortex Group to complete the detailed design for approximately 42km of 20kV overhead distribution line on Malekula Island, Vanuatu. The main line links a new hydro power station development at Brenwe to existing diesel generation near the town of Lakatoro. The main transmission line is to include an underbuilt aerial fibre optic cable. Several spur lines also connect several villages to the network via pole transformers. This specific project is part of a wider project to improve access to energy in Vanuatu.


Vanuatu is an archipelago located in the South Pacific Ocean comprising approximately 83 relatively small islands of generally volcanic origins. Malekula Island is the second largest island and is located near the southern limits of the country, north of the Capital Port Vila. Malekula has approximately 23,000 residents in total. The climate of Vanuatu is tropical with the wet season typically from October through to May. Tropical cyclones are a significant natural hazard with some of the strongest measured cyclones ever recorded hitting Vanuatu in recent years.

Malekula Power System

Malekula presently has a small diesel plant comprising 4 machines for a total of 400kW capacity, as well as 21.6kW of solar generation. Two 5.5kV distribution lines distribute this generation to Vao and Litzlitz.

The new hydro station at Brenwe comprises 2x 350kVA generators connected to the main network via a 400V bus, 725kVA 400/20kV Transformer and Ring Main Unit.